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There are matters of importance and matters that are inconsequential. The former may pretend to be the latter and the latter may be mistaken for the former. The phone bill has gone unpaid again this month. There is a strange lump under your right armpit. Which of these statements is significant and which is trivial? You may think the answer is obvious, but can you trust your judgment? Humans do not consistently function with complete logic; their minds are the product of electro-chemical activity in brains that are lumps of organic material. The brains have evolved the ability to detect patterns and create patterns where none exist. They see a portion of a puzzle and struggle to fill in the missing pieces. What goes in that blank space the brain asks? Should I insert a purring kitten? Should I insert a thermo-nuclear device?

Many of the world’s greatest philosophers consider the brain to be the grand palace of the soul.

Cogito ergo sum.

What does this mean, really?

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